Residential Septic Services in Victorville, California

Septic tanks are underground tanks that hold bodily waste that comes from your home. It is important to get them properly installed to insure a long lasting system.
The Importance of Preventative Maintenance & Septic Pumpings

Attn Homeowners,

One's home is one of our most valued possessions and making sure it is well taken care of, is a must! Many people don't consider, that a septic system is a part of that home, so ensuring your system is being maintained is certainly something to remember. It is recommended to have your tank pumped and serviced every 3 to 5 years. The life span for a properly operating and well-maintained septic system is ideally 30-40 years, sometimes more or less depending on the use, structural material and the soil conditions. Preventative maintenance is KEY in extending the use of your septic system to its fullest potential. While we can pump your septic tank and properly dispose of the waste as needed, it is up to YOU to monitor what goes IN, meaning avoiding chemicals or materials that can clog, pollute or physically damage your septic. The materials include but are not limited to; excessive toilet paper, feminine products or wipes, grease and food, etc. In addition high-vehicles traffic areas and tree roots can sometimes cause problems for the structure of your tank & pit or leachline's.

So ask your self, “when was the last time I had my septic tank serviced?”… if you feel you've exceeded the recommended time between pumpings, let us be of some assistance and maintain and evaluate your septic for you! We can grant you the peace of mind and if need be, inform you of any concerns we can see at time of service.

Give us a call today, we are confident that we can earn your business as your go-to company for your next and future septic service needs!"
Septic Certifications confirms that a septic system is in satisfactory working condition according to set standards set by the California Department of Environmental Quality.
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