Septic Installation in Victorville, California

A septic system is a waste water treatment system underground. Septic systems are highly efficient, simple in design and are typically located in the homeowner's backyard. They are a must have for homes that do not have sewer connection.

At Burns Septic and Rooter Service, we are knowledgeable of septic systems and septic installations. Our contractors will properly install your system and explained how to properly maintain it. Septic installation is an important process as the septic system treats and disposes of bodily waste.

We Install Septic Tanks For:

  • New Homes
  • Existing Homes
  • Replacement Tanks
Septic Installation  Burns Septic and Rooter Service Victorville, CA

Seepage Pit Repair

A seepage pit is the final chamber where the water lands and percolates (filters) into the soil after being treated from the septic system. A stable, properly functioning seepage pit plays a key role in order for a septic system to operate. A seepage pit normally does not require maintenance, as it typically is supposed to maintain a lower water level, ensuring that the soil is absorbing the water accordingly. Problems with your seepage pit can be caused by a number of things including neglecting the septic tank, stubborn soil that doesn't absorb water well, and even normal wear and tear. The seepage pit fails either when it has a high water level, or shows sign of deterioration that can even lead to collapsing.
View into Collapsed Seepage Pit Burns Septic Victorville, CA
Collapsed Seepage Pit Burns Septic Victorville, CA
The images above show collapsed seepage pits, as you can see, they have caved in and the water levels have risen.